Mindful Eating... What's So Great About It?

How About...

Not having to count calories so that you can stop wasting so much time on MyFitnessPal and more time on important things?

Knowing how to check in with your body so that you know whether you're truly hungry or just bored?

Being able to eat what you want without feeling guilty so that you can just ENJOY yourself?

Learning how to eat just enough for YOU and your body so that you are energized and ready for whatever life throws at you?

Being able to handle your cravings in whatever way you see fit so that they don't control your life?

Having all-around food freedom so that you're not tied down by calories, diets, and meal plans?

Getting the tools you need to say goodbye to diets once and for all so that you can be healthier?!




Kayla Balserak

I have been a NASM Certified Personal Trainer for five years, and I specialize in nutrition and weight loss! I have changed close to 100 lives and I don't plan on stopping ANYTIME soon! Mindful eating and mindfulness is something I absolutely love to teach because of the fact that it frees people from the restrictive mindset that one gets from calorie counting and crash dieting. It is so important to have the freedom to make your own food choices and not have your life dictated by a number! I've been exactly where you are... letting the numbers rule me and not listening to my body. Or hearing my body loud and clear, but still refusing to eat because I had already maxed out my calories for the day (but I was still hungry!). I teach this course with a combination of education and experience.

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